After the Boston Globe ran a story on the “Healing power of music” -see full story here: , the First Act Team was inspired to collaborate with The Franciscan Children’s, an organization that brings music to children with complex medical conditions.

Few days after the story was published, First Act donated a full truck loaded with musical instruments that will serve to bring music to those children in need.

“It’s estimated that there are 3 million children with medical complexities in the country, according to the Children’s Hospital Association, a figure that’s rising five percent a year. These are children suffering major, chronic conditions affecting two or more body systems, or one single dominant chronic condition. These are the hardest of the hard cases, and yet spending a day at Franciscan Children’s somehow leaves a visitor inspired, not sad” Doug Most -The Boston Globe.

For First Act, #Music Matters!  We want to continue creating instruments, that can also be used for Musical Therapy to children in need. The work of the Franciscan Children’s is proof that Music Matters to those families with children facing medical and physical conditions.  It has a healing power that is able-to bring joy and cause monumental healing breakthroughs.  First Act, wants to congratulate the dedicated team of the Franciscan Children’s!

About the Franciscans Children’s:

“When the future Cardinal of Boston, Archbishop Richard Cushing, founded the hospital in 1949, his vision was to create a welcoming place for the most physically disabled children, no matter their religion, race, or financial means. Over the years Franciscan Children’s has forged ties with McLean Hospital, for children with mental health needs; Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine; New England Center for Children, a leading autism education facility; and Berklee College of Music for music therapy.


Today, with more than 30 physicians, 100 nurses, and 112 beds, Franciscan combines the care of any world-class hospital with the warmth of a neighborhood health center, where every face is familiar, every milestone is celebrated, and where art and music are threads tying the day together” Source from: