First Act begins an exciting rebrand alongside the launch of our newly designed line. First Act will introduce beautifully crafted musical instruments perfectly sized for younger musicians available NOW in stores for kids to Rock Out in Style!

First Act will reveal new vibrant packaging, new apps, educational programs and partnerships with YouTube celebrities like The Ukulele Teacher, Taylor George, Andy Foy and many more. Along with this new rebranding effort, First Act will also release educational materials through the new program “Learn & Play” and host 2 social media contests “Get Up & Play Band” and “60 Day I can learn music” challenge.

First Act’s core value is to make music accessible to every kid, tween and teenager in the world! The musical instruments have pro features at affordable cost. The line is authentic, easy to play and fun! Available at Toys “R” Us and soon to come to Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target and other retailers across the United States and Worldwide.

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Check out the New First Act musical instruments at and Join the Music Craze! #MusicMatters h the Girls guitar